Lot 11: Personalized 1.5-hour Virtual Sensory Tour of Colombia’s Coffee Sector

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A unique opportunity to tour some of Colombia’s most exciting coffee growing regions virtually with a guided sensory tour of exemplary coffees from Huila, Cauca, Nariño, Antioquia, Caldas, Tolima, Sierra Nevada and more.

Geoff Watts will be your host from Bogotá along with several experts from Colombia’s specialty coffee industry who will join to bring you behind the scenes of Colombia’s coffee industry. We will explore topics relating to quality development, including both terroir and post-harvest processing, while tasting some amazing coffees and chatting about their tantalizing sensory traits.

Part of the session will focus on understanding the impact of coffee prices on farmer livelihoods and exploring what economic sustainability looks like in the context of Colombian small-holder coffee farming.

The experience will include:

  • 8 extraordinary coffees sent to you for tasting (roasted and/or green, depending on preference)
  • 60 minutes of personalized guided tasting and discussion (discussion topics can be tailored to your specific interest!)
  • 30 minutes of Visual presentations from some of Colombia’s leading quality and sustainability experts.
  • A curated musical playlist of soul-enriching Colombian music, past and present.

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